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Northern Virginia / District of Columbia Malpractice Trial Lawyer

When you employ a member of a profession to provide specialized services, you do so with the expectation and understanding that certain professional standards will be met. That, unfortunately, is not always the case. At Philip J. Walsh & Associates, P.C., located in McLean, Virginia, our professional malpractice attorney strives to insure that you do not continue to suffer as the result of professional negligence, mistakes, errors, omissions, misinformation, or unfamiliarity with current professional guidelines. Malpractice can and does occur in every profession. Mr. Walsh has successfully litigated malpractice cases and won jury trials involving divers professionals including: lawyers, doctors, hospitals, nurses, architects, engineers …Contact our office today.

Professional Malpractice

For the most part, in the United States our professionals are highly trained and practice their respective professions in conformity with established standards. Practically speaking, professional malpractice occurs when a member or members of a specific profession provide services which for any number of reasons, i.e. negligence, omissions, fraud, or ignorance are below acceptable standards and cause damage to the recipient. With over 25 years of practical legal experience, our attorney, Philip Walsh has successfully represented clients who have been damaged and whose lives have been negatively affected by the substandard practices of professionals in a variety of professions.

Medical Malpractice

Although this is the area of professional malpractice that gets the most news exposure and is most familiar to the general public, medical malpractice continues to rear its ugly head. It should be stated that there are many unhappy patients and many untoward or bad results. That does not make a medical malpractice case. Often, unexpected or poor results are a “risk of the procedure” and that may provide the doctor with a complete defense. On the other hand, it is not uncommon that there are errors, omissions or mistakes made in hospitals, emergency rooms, and other health care facilities. Doctors may overlook an important fact, fail to observe something they should have seen, prescribe the wrong medication or treatment or fail to order a necessary test. Medical practitioners make mistakes that fall below the so called “standard of care” and the results often prove damaging, life altering or life ending. Let attorney Philip Walsh confidentially analyze your complaint and counsel you.

Past accomplishments are not an assurance of future results.

Legal Malpractice

In an increasingly litigious society, the tables often turn and those in the legal profession find themselves in court, across the aisle from former clients. If you are client damaged by some negligent act or omission of an attorney or an attorney seeking representation in a legal malpractice suit, speak with a member of our legal team today. Mr. Walsh has successfully represented clients in claims against their former attorneys as well as represented attorneys in claims brought by former clients.

Architects and Engineers

It is common to take for granted that the architect you hire to design your commercial building, home, office, or commercial space is going to draft plans according to applicable codes and industry standards. Similarly, when an engineer is brought on to a project to apply expertise to a problem, specialized knowledge and the application thereof is assumed. Unfortunately, buildings, structures, homes and products can be poorly designed and built, corners are cut, sub-standard methods or materials are used and even at times critical components left out of the design. Don't allow the negligence or outright fraudulent actions of others make you suffer.

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